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Protection of student rights and educational rights are the focus of the Law Office of Michelle Ball. We advocate on behalf of students in all arenas throughout California, taking on colleges, public schools, and other educational entities. We fight for you and your educational needs.

We believe in students of all ages, including children, college students, and adult students and have devoted ourselves these long years to their protection.

We at the Law Office of Michelle Ball are here for California parents and students and want to help.

Parents can no longer take it for granted that their children’s rights are being met or protected while at school. Parents should not naively roll along believing that the schools are acting in their child's best interests, or protecting them adequately.

It is critical that parents and students have good legal advice and guidance in the new millennium. Otherwise, they may look back and regret they did not stand up and do something when they should have.

Email us today to set up a time to consult with an attorney. You can also call and speak to a representative at 916-444-9064.

We want to help and look forward to hearing from you! The Law Offices of Michelle Ball is limited to representing parents in California and cannot consult on issues in other states.
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