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Q: Does the Law Office of Michelle Ball take contingency (attorney paid at end) cases or do pro bono work?

A: No, we are compensated for our services by our clients, usually in advance.

Q: Is there a minimum initial payment?

A: No. The amount required will depend on the individual matter and can vary depending upon the time involved.

Q: What types of payment does the Law Office of Michelle Ball take?

A: Cash, check, credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard), ATM (automated teller machine), or money order.

Q: What is the attorney’s hourly rate?

A: Please call us at (916) 444-9064 for the current rate or see the Phone Consultation Form on the Consultation page. Non-attorney work is usually charged at 50% of the attorney’s hourly rate.

Q: How quickly can I get in for a consult?

A: We try to get people in as fast as possible, and as soon as the next day, but it all depends upon the attorney’s availability.

Q: Do I have to come in to your office for a consultation or do you offer phone consultations?

A: While we prefer in person consultation if at all possible, we understand that due to distance or other issues, a phone consultation is sometimes necessary. As such, when requested, a phone consultation may be arranged by completing three forms (click here to download forms) and thereafter calling to get on our calendar.

Q: What happens if I do not make my appointment?

A: If you call and cancel, that is fine, although we appreciate notice at least 12 hours in advance. If you cancel two times, you lose your right to a reduced fee consultation.

If you “no show” for your appointment (you don’t come in or call), you will lose your reduced fee consultation. Thereafter, to get back on our calendar will have to provide a non-refundable payment in advance to cover a minimum half hour consultation at the attorney’s hourly rate.

Q: How much is it to consult with the Law Office of Michelle Ball?

A: For people who are consulting for the first time, or consulted with us over a year ago, the first half hour is at a reduced rate, and time after that is at the attorney’s hourly rate.

For people who have consulted with us within the last year, the consultation is at the attorney’s hourly rate.

For members of a referral agency which we accept, the consultation would be at the rate we have agreed to with the referral agency. Any person asserting that they are members of a referral agency would have to ensure that we were notified in advance of their membership or the consult would be at the first-time consultation rate.

Q: With what types of matters does the Law Office of Michelle Ball assist?

A: We help with almost any administrative matter dealing with school districts on the side of parents or students, such as expulsions, suspensions, discipline, special education, 504 plans, accommodations, transfers, grade appeals, truancy, sports issues, board appeals, and many other matters. A review of this website would also assist in understanding where we can help.

Q: Who is Michelle Ball?

A: Review her Biography, please click here.

Q: Can you represent students outside the Sacramento area?

A: Yes. Representation can occur throughout California, and we have represented people as far away as San Diego, Fresno, Grass Valley, Monterey, and elsewhere.

Q: What if I have a quick question and do not want to consult?

A: Michelle Ball is currently a solo practitioner. She is very busy and her time is valuable. As such, unfortunately, no resources are available to respond to questions on educational issues without consultation being scheduled. If you want answers, a consultation should be scheduled.

You could also submit questions to us for potential publication in our newsletter. These can be mailed or emailed. Please note in any correspondence that this is a question for the newsletter.

Otherwise, we would suggest for general inquiries that parents and students do their own research or try contacting the California Department of Education.

If you have a question you would like added to this page, please email us at help@edlaw4students.com.

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