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The Law Office of Michelle Ball began soon after Michelle graduated from law school in 1994.  Throughout law school, Michelle had worked for nonprofit groups as well as a professor.  She learned about the serious issues in schools and the many needs of students, particularly with regard to special education students.

After she passed the Bar Examination and was sworn in as an attorney in December 1994, she began the quest to find a good non-profit job. After working for a firm and being an independent contractor briefly, Michelle opened her own office in June 1995, six months after she became a licensed attorney. Her office has been going ever since helping students of all ages, and at all levels, with their issues.


Michelle changed our lives
Michelle, Thank you for your service! Your letter to the school helped us to obtain the adequate accommodations for our son and a new beginning.

- SA

Michelle found us an out and won my son’s position to stay in the district!
ln a heartbeat, I would recommend Michelle Ball for any family who would ever need an educational lawyer!

- AG

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