Some areas where we can assist include:

  • School or college expulsions
  • Suspensions and suspension appeals
  • Special education assessment and services
  • 504 (disability accommodation) qualification, 504 plans and enforcement
  • Expulsion of special education students
  • Records removal and correction
  • Discipline generally
  • Readmission after expulsion
• Free speech rights
• Protection/safety of students at school
• Complaints regarding teacher abuse/conduct
• Admission/readmission
• Protection of the right to refuse special education
• Access to school by parents
• Transfers- interdistrict (between districts) and intradistrict (same district)
• Office for civil rights complaints
• Grand jury complaints
• Family policy compliance office complaints
 California teacher credentialing (CTC) complaints
• Board of education/district complaints
• Government tort (breach of duty) claim act filings
• California Department of Education complaint
• Department of Justice complaints

• And many more…

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