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Community College Students Can Get Their Records Quickly In California

Records and community college students

Last Updated on July 9, 2022 by Michelle Ball

By Michelle Ball, Sacramento California Expulsion, Special Education, sports/CIF, College, Education and School Attorney/Lawyer for Students since 1995

Do you or a family member attend one of the many California community colleges?  Is a student curious about what data the college is gathering on them? Or, has a student had “issues” and wants to see what is in their college records?

Obtaining records from California community colleges should be simple and quick, relatively speaking.

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What is lurking in student community college records which could be damaging later?

Rights Under FERPA to Student Records

Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, aka FERPA, college students have the right to review their records within 45 days of a request.  This applies to public colleges, and colleges which take federal funds.

This is quite a bit of time- about a month and a half- and can really drag on if records are needed quickly or are necessary to defend against a discipline hearing.

California Gives Community College Students Their Records Much Sooner Than FERPA

In California, community college students were given the great gift of being able to get their records in about half the time of FERPA. Students here can access their community college records in fifteen working days time!

This means that if a community college is open 5 days a week, records could be accessed within roughly 21 calendar days (considering weekends), which is 24 days less than under FERPA.

Education Code Section 76230 Shortens Timeframe

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Bring the joy- California allows community college students to get their records pretty quickly

The magical code section granting this right is California Education Code section 76230 which states “access shall be granted no later than 15 working days following the date of the request.”

This means records a college maintains may be obtained about 3 weeks faster.

So, if and when a student needs their community college records, they can use Education Code section 76230 to ensure records are provided timely.  

If community college staff members are not aware of these timelines, it never hurts to remind them– politely, of course.

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