Interdistrict Transfer Revocation And What To Do About It


Last Updated on August 19, 2021 by Michelle Ball

By Michelle Ball, Sacramento California Expulsion, Special Education, sports/CIF, College, Education and School Attorney/Lawyer for Students since 1995

If a student has entered a new school district on an interdistrict transfer, it may be cause for celebration. However, what if a parent receives a revocation letter? What can a student have their interdistrict transfer revoked for and how sudden can this occur?

Interdistrict Transfer Approvals Depend On Districts

School districts reviewing a request to transfer into their district (the receiving district) are the determiners of what students get in. Usually school districts have interdistrict policies which parents can review which specify the reasons a student may be accepted.

school transfer interdistrict
Interdistrict transfers may have terms students must meet

Whether a student may leave their home district is also a factor, as the home district has to allow a student to leave.

Terms of Revocation Depend on Agreement

When a student is accepted for enrollment, terms may be laid out for the student to follow while on the transfer. If terms are not met, the student can have their transfer revoked. What these terms are, and if there are any terms at all, depend on the new school district.

Some districts don’t outline any revocation terms, but most include them.

Typical Interdistrict Transfer Terms

Interdistrict transfer terms (if there are any), can include:

  1. No suspensions or expulsions
  2. Maintain a certain academic performance level
  3. Regular attendance
  4. Follow school rules

Student terms can vary by school district, but are usually pretty straightforward.

transfers can be revoked suddenly
Students may be kicked out of school quick if they breach the interdistrict transfer terms

How Transfers Are Revoked

Interdistrict transfers may be revoked suddenly or with warnings. Sometimes a student receives a school suspension and their interdistrict transfer is then terminated. The student has to leave the school district.

Sometimes, schools have hearts and warn a family that the student has breached the terms, or a couple student breaches may occur before an interdistrict school transfer is reversed.

Other times, a student breach may occur and the student may be given until the end of that schoolyear to attend and cannot return.

When Transfers May Be Revoked

Any time a breach of the interdistrict transfer terms occurs the interdistrict transfer may be cancelled.

What To Do If an Interdistrict Transfer Is Revoked

Interdistrict transfers school
Parents can try to appeal a revocation by reaching out to those in charge

There is no guaranteed appeal of the termination of an interdistrict transfer, but parents may try to go up the chain of command in the school district. So, for example, if a Principal terminates a transfer, parents could try to reach appropriate school district personnel who have the ability to reverse the decision.

It is conceivable that parents could also contact their county board of education as well, if some unfairness occurred or interdistrict transfer laws or policies were misapplied.

If discrimination is suspected, a complaint could also be filed with the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR), but this would not result in a quick outcome. In that case, a student would have to attend elsewhere until a resolution was reached.

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