Law Office of Michelle Ball 504 Plan And Accommodations Restored

504 Plan And Accommodations Restored

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Ms. Ball handled an educational matter for my dyslexic daughter.  The school terminated my daughter’s 504 accommodations because she was getting excellent grades.  They claimed that they only had to maintain a 504 plan if my daughter was failing and that she was not receiving accommodations.  Her teachers were making accommodations for her and so was I by reading her textbooks to her because the school had failed to provide audio books as required by her 504 plan.  

Ms. Ball saw several errors made by the school district in their handling of this matter.  We agreed to her writing a letter to the school district outlining their errors and pertinent law.  Soon after the letter was received by the district I got a call from the principal.  He offered my daughter a new 504 plan meeting and at the meeting her 504 accommodations were completely restored and we were assured the school would do whatever was necessary to support my daughter’s academic achievement.  It was such a relief to walk out of the meeting.  

The legal fee was absolutely worth it to assure that my daughter gets the support for which she is legally entitled.