Law Office of Michelle Ball Daughter Restored To Varsity Soccer Team

Daughter Restored To Varsity Soccer Team

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My husband and I decided to hire Michelle Ball after our daughter was unjustly cut from the high school varsity soccer team. We appealed the coach’s decision and met with a panel of six which included the assistant principal, the coach, the athletic director, as well as four others. They contended that our daughter had violated the CIF code of conduct by engaging in an altercation which resulted in a school suspension. We agreed that our daughter needed to be punished but that cutting her from the team was unjustly harsh and unwarranted! She had never been in trouble before and was a good student. They then said that the principal would make the final decision.
Days later, the principal called and said she upheld the panel’s decision to not let my daughter back on the team. The principal was not present during the appeal so she never heard what we had to say!!! My husband and I knew that going against the school by ourselves was a futile endeavor. We knew we had to fight and right the wrong that was being done! It was at that point we knew we needed legal representation. We contacted Michelle Ball for that precise reason. Michelle’s staff was always very professional and our questions were promptly and courteously answered. Through her expertise and knowledge we learned that the code of conduct the school so righteously indicated our daughter had violated was actually being violated by the school itself!!

Michelle sent a letter to the school district superintendent detailing the school’s obdurate behavior which in itself bordered on gender discrimination. That same week, my husband and daughter were called by the school principal for a meeting. She apologized and told our daughter she was reinstated back on the varsity soccer team. We truly believe that had it not been for Michelle Ball, our daughter would’ve lost out on playing a sport she truly loves her final year of high school!!! Thank you Michelle for righting the wrong of a system that at times acts omnipotent!!!