Law Office of Michelle Ball Daughter Will Graduate With Honors After Michelle’s Help

Daughter Will Graduate With Honors After Michelle’s Help

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Michelle was my ray of light in a very dim situation. My daughter was facing expulsion of two semesters, one school year, her junior year. The school board superintendent had just informed me that we would have the option of my daughter being home schooled or sent to an alternative school where “the attending students had just been released from jail or were one foot from being put into jail”.  When I had suggested putting her in another school inside the school district he flatly said “no,” that she couldn’t go to another school in our district or any other public high school in the state! This sentence had been given due to finding smoking paraphernalia in her drawer at summer camp before the school year started, finding a cigarette lighter in her backpack the previous school year and smoking on campus the beginning of her freshman year.

When I stated I wanted a lawyer, the superintendent told me I could, however that it had never been done before! The hearing was in two weeks. I got Michelle’s name from a lawyer friend of mine. I had never heard of an Educational Lawyer. Michelle informed us of our rights, found errors in the written statements the superintendent had given us, then advised us on the possible outcomes.  Immediately the school district started finding other options. The expulsion was reduced to a suspended expulsion for one semester. My daughter was admitted into a nationally recognized charter school in our district and is well on her way to graduation with honors.

I couldn’t be more pleased.