Law Office of Michelle Ball Expulsion For Drugs Dropped In Less Than A Month

Expulsion For Drugs Dropped In Less Than A Month

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Michelle Ball is by far the best attorney ever. She accomplished keeping our son from an expulsion and did it in record time!

We were referred to Michelle by a friend, who talked highly of her and gave us her number. We called Michelle’s office and made an appointment to speak with her by phone. This made it so much easier than taking time off work and traveling 75 miles to consult with her. My wife and I found this very convenient.

On Oct 22nd, my wife, our friend, and I met in our friend’s office for a conference call with Michelle. We told Michelle that our 16 year old son was one of six students in trouble for using, selling, and/or possession of drug(s) (ecstasy). Our school follows the “Zero Tolerance” policy and our son was being recommended for a Mandatory Expulsion.

After 30 minutes of discussion about our son’s situation, Michelle told us our options. My wife and I had a lot to talk about. Hiring an attorney, Michelle, was going to cost money and there was no guarantee that the recommendation of mandatory expulsion would be lifted. We decided our son’s education was invaluable to us and proceeded with hiring Michelle.

On Oct 30th, I emailed Michelle, told her things were not going so well, and we would like to obtain her services.

On Oct 31st, she emailed us a fee agreement and release form to be completed and faxed to her.

On Nov 1st, the completed forms were faxed to her and she was hired.

On Nov. 3rd, she wrote a letter to the school district’s attorney, informing them now she had been retained to represent our son. The letter proceeded with facts that basically lit a fire under their bottoms. I quickly learned that Michelle Ball is aggressive and knows her specialty well.

Michelle and I corresponded the whole time by email (several), spoke 3 times by phone, and never met. This seemed very strange, but I have to tell you it worked well. It took care of business and kept the fees quite low. Take my word for it; this is the way to go.

On Nov. 21st, we celebrated the victory of the dropped expulsion. Our son returned to high school 1 week later.

This is an incredible story. Not everyone or every situation will have this type of prevailing outcome, but I believe you have a fighting chance with Michelle Ball. This is her specialty and she knows it well.

If your child is in a bad predicament as a student and you are not sure an attorney would be of value to your situation, call Michelle. She’s honest, sincere, and understanding, all while remaining professional. She is out to get the best for your child (and you) at the same time not gouging your pocket book for everything in it.

Thanks Michelle for everything. You are by far the best attorney I know, and that’s coming from a person who’s sibling is an attorney.