Law Office of Michelle Ball Michelle Empowered Us To Help Our Son

Michelle Empowered Us To Help Our Son

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Dear Michelle,

I am writing you to tell you that my husband and I are deeply grateful to you and your staff for your devotion and professionalism.

We were at our wits end on trying to resolve our sons educational needs with the public school system. We thought schools where there to educate and help us. We found however, the bureaucracy and legalities involved were overwhelming and that the school and the District where not interested in helping us or our son but instead interested in their own agenda.

After years of advocating for our son, we finally decided to get some professional help. After finding your listing in the Yellow Pages under Educational Law, I felt that maybe finally we had found someone that had an understanding of what our struggle had been. Immediately after the first phone call I felt relief. After speaking to your secretary I thought, “finally someone that can help”.

My thoughts where right. The best decision I made was making that phone call that day. Once you got involved everything changed. Thanks to your help our son is now successful in school. He is getting the help he needs and is on his way. His self esteem and motivation has changed due to the changes that the school has made.

I know we would have never gotten our sons educational needs met without your involvement. After years of trying I know this is true. I speak to many parents and grandparents who are going insane dealing with the current school system and I tell them my story, our son’s story, and how are lives changed after getting your help.

There are too many children who are suffering needlessly and parents who worry about them. Parents who try hard to work with their local schools, believe what they say, as we did, but get nowhere. Our son is on the road to success because I made that call, that day two years ago. I feel relieved to know there is someone in his corner other than his father and I. I no longer feel helpless because I have the comfort of knowing if I need help, I have found a great recourse.

That great recourse is you, Michelle Ball. I know without your expertise and professionalism we would never have been able to have our sons specific needs met. Our family thanks you.

Thank you.