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GATE Admission Accomplished

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I am most pleased to recommend Ms. Michelle Ball for legal assistance in school matters.
My wife and I desired our daughter to be admitted to the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program in our School District. We believed she was well qualified based on a widely recognized test, teacher recommendation, school grades, and State testing.
However, the school district used but one narrowly focused test of spatial pattern recognition as the primary entry criteria into the GATE program. Our daughter did not excel in this one area.
Ms. Ball thoroughly researched the School District GATE policy. She conferred with an administrator at the State Board of Education, and with the psychologist who did the IQ test for our daughter. With this information, she wrote a well-reasoned letter, which forcefully argued for our daughter’s admission to the GATE program. She had also had the psychologist write a letter on our daughter’s behalf.
Armed with the above, Ms. Ball, my wife, and I met with the School District officials. Although the District did not wish to change its policy, we got our daughter admitted to the GATE school and into GATE and honors classes.
Ms. Ball aggressively represented our child’s case to the School District, with a positive result. I highly recommend her for legal matters involving schools.