Law Office of Michelle Ball Michelle Helped So Much We Hired Her Twice

Michelle Helped So Much We Hired Her Twice

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Michelle helped us through 2 significant events during the time my son was in school until he graduated this past June. She [Michelle Ball] gathered files and files of documentation, rules and regulations and policy and procedures. She covered every base.

We got the justice that my son was entitled to and made sure all his civil rights were kept intact.
I will forever be so grateful to Michelle for giving us the encouragement we needed at a time when we thought we had no where else to turn and no one to support our concerns.

I personally have already recommended her to 2 other families and will continue to so when I am asked.

Again, hiring Michelle Ball not once but twice was the best decision I made during my son’s duration in middle school as well as high school. We were all thrilled, including Michelle, the day my son graduated in June.

Thank You Michelle!!!