Law Office of Michelle Ball Our Son’s Small Placement Is Working

Our Son’s Small Placement Is Working

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First, I want to thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. If you would like a reference I would be happy to give you one, in letter form or by personal call.

My son is now placed at a facility in X City by the school district and county mental health, as of last week. They are paying for this placement. The best part is that he is doing VERY, VERY well there, and although it has only been a week, there is a dramatic difference in him. This placement is very small, only 36 boys max, is day treatment in a home-like setting, and they use animals in the therapy. He is already doing his schoolwork which for months at the other schools he refused daily.

I wanted you to know that everything worked out very well, and we are pleased with the result. Although it was very costly in the interim, our goal was to get our son into an appropriate placement, which this is. I do believe that if we had not employed your services, we may not have had the same result. I have recommended you to others, and they will probably refer clients to you.