Law Office of Michelle Ball Paramedic Program Reinstatement

Paramedic Program Reinstatement

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Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I called Michelle a few years back to help me deal with a situation that I went through with a paramedic program that I was in and later went on to complete successfully. I enrolled in the program about four years ago and finished the first two phases of the program and was in the middle of the third and final phase when I began running into some serious issues with the school and the way things were being handled. My hours were not being counted and there were some other issues too. I went up the chain, within the school, and my problems were not being addressed. 
I was working a lot and had invested everything I had saved toward getting through the program, so when I felt I could no longer risk waiting to see what would happen, I left the program and accepted a job with the fire department. Shortly after starting the fire academy, I received a letter from the school saying I had been dismissed from the program. I was allowed to write three appeal letters, so I did, and every time I was denied. So upon completion of the fire academy I contacted Michelle and explained the situation, and provided her all the documentation that I had.
Within two weeks or so I was readmitted and since then I went on to complete my internship and have held my license for about a year now.  You have no idea how important receiving my medic license has been to me and I have to say without Michelle it would not have happened. Anyways, thank you Michelle, more than you’ll ever know…and by the way, Michelle’s fees were very reasonable.