Law Office of Michelle Ball Pharmacy School Issue Resolved

Pharmacy School Issue Resolved

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Dear Michelle,
I was one of your clients about six months ago. I came to your office hopeless and asked you for a resolution about my wrongful exclusion from a pharmacy school (School B). I am writing this note to let you know how much I appreciated your letter. I want you to know your letter gave the whole school a big shake. I was told that the faculty had several long meetings to discuss my case after they read your letter. The main reason I was not able to attend the school (School B) was because many pharmacy schools feel betrayed when another pharmacy school accepts a student who previously attended another pharmacy school (School A) since there are only seven pharmacy schools in California. The Dean told me that we don’t want your school (School A) to feel like we are stealing you from them. What I am trying to say is that the School B would have definitely accepted me back with your letter if I had no other school to go back to (School A).
After the week that School B excluded me, I found other private loans and went back to my original pharmacy school (School A). Even though I was not able to switch to School B because of financial reasons, I feel like your strong letter gave me justice by letting the school know from a professional point of view that this process was not legal and I could take legal action if I desired. You gave me the chance to inform them that what they did was not fair and was unethical. I would have paid you another $500 for the letter you wrote me even if I knew they would not accept me back. I have read your letter more than 10 times and there isn’t one word that I would had added or switched. What impresses me the most is how you were able to understand my full story and write that impressive letter in only one hour. I have you in mind for any of my family or friends who need your assistance.

Thank you. Keep up the great work.