Law Office of Michelle Ball School Dropped Expulsion And Expunged Records

School Dropped Expulsion And Expunged Records

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The entire process of finding an educational attorney can be intimidating and difficult.  We are glad we found Michelle.  Michelle Ball helped us in our son’s difficult and complicated case.  Our son was accused by another student of wrongdoing on his walk home from school.  Upon the school learning of this, relying almost exclusively on the accusers version of the events, illegally interrogated our son along with the police and suspended him with a recommendation for expulsion.  Further, the school decided to email the entire school community about the matter.

Michelle negotiated with the district and prepared a diligent and compelling memorandum which resulted in the school dropping the expulsion and agreeing to destroy the records of the event, upon certain conditions.  This was a good result given the situation.

Additionally, although we do not live near Michelle’s Sacramento office, the distance was not a factor.  We successfully communicated via many emails and phone calls.  Michelle was speedy with her response times, despite her very busy schedule.

I would recommend Michelle Ball for any family who would ever need an educational lawyer!

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