Law Office of Michelle Ball Son Returned To School The Following Quarter

Son Returned To School The Following Quarter

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I would highly recommend Michelle Ball for cases involving education! My child was expelled for bringing a small pocket knife to school. Even though we were not contesting the fact he brought the pocket knife, we were definitely concerned that our District Office wanted to expel him for a whole year. This is a kid that has great grades, active in school and community activities, never missed a day of school and never had any previous blemishes on his school record.
I felt the School District office was strong arming me into signing a stipulated expulsion that had no written conditions attached. I didn’t know where else to turn. I had called half a dozen attorneys that would give me advice and I ended up selecting Michelle after reading testimonials on her website. I knew right away she was the right attorney to handle our case!

Michelle was able to get our child schoolwork and graded while she worked this out with the School District and also got him back into his own school by the start of the next quarter. I would never have been able to do it without her. Michelle is knowledgeable and reliable. She kept me informed and she gave me hope.

We are grateful we found her!