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Student Admitted To Appropriate School

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I never thought that I would need an educational attorney. After all, I was a retired special education teacher, and I had written my fair share of IEP’s. I knew how to navigate my way around the special education system, or so I thought! Then came reality! My seventeen-year-old daughter, with a learning disability, was being denied access to our local high school. It was the high school that she wanted to attend, and it was also the least restrictive environment for her. After trying everything in my bag of “educational” tricks, (over a period of two years), i.e. SST meetings, IEP meetings, a special education public school, and even a non public school, I still couldn’t get her into the local high school.

So, I contacted Michelle Ball. I phoned her office on Monday evening, and by Thursday morning, my daughter and I were sitting in her office for our consultation. Michelle agreed with me that my daughter should be allowed to attend the local high school. As a result of our consultation, Michelle wrote an outstanding letter to the school district superintendent, stating our position, and gave recommendations for the school district to follow. On Monday, the letter was emailed, (and US mailed), to the school district superintendent. By Friday, my daughter and I were sitting in an IEP meeting, and we were selecting her high school classes. Michelle Ball was able to accomplish in a little over a week, what I had been unable to do in over two years!!!

Michelle Ball is an experienced, personable, and extremely knowledgeable educational attorney. I highly recommend her to anyone needing her services.