Law Office of Michelle Ball Suspension Reversed Pre-Appeal Hearing

Suspension Reversed Pre-Appeal Hearing

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Even though I knew my daughter’s suspension was wrong, it wasn’t even about the suspension any more, it was about making sure schools are checking and documenting their facts and doing the right thing for all the children involved. This was clearly not happening.  When I picked legal counsel out of the yellow pages, I really scored when I found Michelle Ball. She was straightforward, knowledgeable, and understanding of my situation. There were no delusions however of an easy win. She started by drafting a letter to the school district stating my wishes and requesting a hearing if they would not comply. Of course, as expected, they did not lift the suspension and scheduled a hearing. Although Michelle diligently helped prepare me for the hearing, I can’t tell you how relieved I was to get her phone call the day before the hearing telling me that the district was removing the suspension and we had won. 
Miracles do happen – that miracle was finding Michelle Ball. She treated me with respect and gave powerful legal structure to my words and actions.