Law Office of Michelle Ball A Thousand “Thank You’s” – Student’s Expulsion Dropped

A Thousand “Thank You’s” – Student’s Expulsion Dropped

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Thanks to Michelle Ball for successfully taking on my son’s case who was just weeks away from graduating High School when he was faced with expulsion, because a knife was found in my car. His name had “come up” along with 6 other students in a conversation with the V.P. and a highly intoxicated student found passed out on the bathroom floor in the gym. He granted consent for the V.P. to search my vehicle for open alcohol knowing full well that there was none. Imagine our shock and surprise when the V.P. pressed charges for finding a small knife that I’ve had in my car for 20 years!
Not only did she [Michelle Ball] get the school district to drop their pursuit of expulsion charges, but she was instrumental in getting his case thrown out of court as well. My son was able to finish school through Home Instruction and received his diploma from the school he had been attending for 4 years.
A thousand “THANK YOU’S” for helping him graduate!!!