Law Office of Michelle Ball Diabetic Student Given IEP

Diabetic Student Given IEP

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My daughter is a diabetic and the school refused to give her an IEP. I have been looking all over for an attorney and couldn’t find someone who would help me. I found Michelle by Googling and check out the reviews. They were amazing! Drove to Sacramento (almost 400 miles one way) to meet her. Around that time my daughter had a heart attack which made it more important to obtain an IEP.  A few months later we got our IEP. I will say, up front, she is not cheap but she works hard and will always be there for you. If you call her or email her,  she gets right back ASAP.  She is so worth every dollar. We got our IEP in place around Feb and something came up last week regarding summer school and I contacted Michelle. My daughter is now going to attend summer school at home. She will always be there for you even after the cake has been baked and all the crumbs are eaten. I have a degree as a legal tech and know quite a few attorneys but Michelle can run circles around them with weights on her legs and still have time to stop for lunch.

SL (from Yelp)